Art Made in Italy 12th March - 17th April 2015 Syrlin-Kunstverein E.V. International Gallery

date » 08-03-2015 19:52

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In cooperation with Galleria Poliedro Trieste and Associazione Culturale Sei l'Arte, Syrlin Kunstverein International Gallery in Stuttgard is organizing an exhibition of italian artists from March 12th untill April 17th 2015. Antonella Bucci will bring to the exhibition three pictures of her work "Alchemy", showing the relationships between different places and objects. An Omanite Castle will then look similar to the stairs diving in the Seine of Paris; the branches of the trees in Place de la Bastille will resemble to the Pyramid of the Louvre. But since imaginative alchemy is also about opposites, the flight of a bird over the water will clash against a piece of barbeled wire form the Berlin Wall.

Plakat_ArtItalia_fin.pdf (164.03 KB)


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